Unlocking your children potential beyond education & Artistique

Unlocking your children potential beyond education & Artistique
07 Feb

28 Nov 16 : Mrs Parenthood Grand Final helded at Sunway Pyramid made everyone a memorable day for parent unleash their personal beauty. Parenthood Playground is a FUN-PACKED INDOOR PLAYGROUND with the aim to create a fun learning environment, bring your kids to our attraction playground that’s also equipped with enrichment classes like Kids Kick Boxing, Music & Movement and Speech & Drama Class.
Artistique proudly assisted them in make up and hairdo for all the finalists. Artistique make up artists did their best to design the best hairdo and makeup that personalised them.

All participants were mothers who looked charming and beautiful. As people said, there are no ugly women, just lazy one who often don’t have the time and money to put towards keeping up appearances. Stay at home moms also may have a hard time staying motivated to look good when they don’t get out as often because they’re so busy taking care of the kids and their partners. To boost your confidence after becoming a mother, you
can enrol with one of our popular event name Artistique Playground specially designed at low cost and inclusive every tools that you need. Check it out.


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